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Testimonials from Our Clients

My husband and I are very satisfied customers of Glass Curtains and would like to share our experiences.


When we first moved into our apartment, we were taken aback by the noise pollution caused by the buses and motorcycles plying the main road fronting our apartment. As a result of the noise, we were not able to sleep peacefully and were desperately looking for a solution. We thought our problem was over when we installed Smart Windows, but that was another nightmare. It didn’t function well as it was badly installed and the product was of inferior quality. The service back-up was unreliable and despite several attempts to rectify the problems, they were never resolved. Within a year of installation, we had nearly 10 repair jobs - that was definitely unacceptable. The last straw came when we couldn’t close the glass panels as they went out of alignment.


We prayed and God led us to Glass Curtains; a similar but more reliable and better product. The Glass Curtains Specialist, Ms Shu Ong, knows her product very well and is very well versed with the system. Her knowledge of the product and her explanation of the system gave us the confidence in Glass Curtains so we decided to replace the problematic Smart Windows with Glass Curtains.

We have no regrets as we have bought a product that delivers what it promises. The 10mm tempered glass they use is thicker and sturdier. The panels slide easily to one side and the whole concept is user friendly. The system is very well engineered and very neatly installed. The noise level at my apartment has now been reduced drastically to a very low and acceptable decibel. Aesthetically Glass Curtains provide a seamless design and are beautifully. 


We are truly satisfied customers as this system is working perfectly well for us. We will not hesitate to recommend Glass Curtains to anyone who wants to reduce their noise pollution and live in a quieter environment.

Mr & Mrs Tan, Retirees

Pasir Ris Grove

Glass Curtains does not come cheap, nonetheless, we went ahead with the purchase for its functional and aesthetic benefit for our home. The final product after installation looks very good if not even better than on picture. Whilst the final product is important, we should also recognize the installers whom were both meticulous, professional and courteous during the entire period of installation. Their attention to details in protecting the completed home was very evident. As the job also involves drilling and some cutting works (this is part and parcel of such a job and is not an anomaly), the intent to keep the home as clean as possible was very much appreciated. This level of attention and care demonstrated by the Glass Curtain installer is so severely lacking in all other Contractors/Installers that I have come across.


If only all Contractors/Installers practice this level of care and professionalism, the home renovation process would always be one filled with positive energy.

M. L.

Kovan Road

We wanted to extend our living space to our outdoor space as well, and the thick, tainted sliding glass doors with broad frames was obstructing the view and not giving us an expansive sense of our space - besides we could only open up the area partially as the static glass windows, stationed on each side would obstruct the view. Glass Curtains allow us a seamless and open view, bringing our outdoors in and vice versa!


With Glass Curtains, we can fully open out the panels and they stack neatly on one side, without any obstruction to the view, light and ventilation giving us an expanded sense of space and aesthetics. And when it rains, we can close the panels without any compromise on light and look. Also while entertaining guests we can switch on the air-conditioning and still have full view of the outdoor space, while remaining cool on the inside. Glass Curtains make a beautiful modern, minimalist interior design statement! Highly recommended!

Ms Menon

St Patrick's Road

I bought a penthouse unit with an open space outside by master bedroom. This area is exposed to rain, wind & sun. This requires constant maintenance and cleaning if not adequately covered.


I decided to install Glass Curtains because it is made of a durable and robust material, with a flexible mechanism that allows me to create an open-air concept as and when required, by simply pushing the glass panels to one end.


Since installing Glass Curtains, I can enjoy the beautiful night view on my roof terrace, sheltered from rain. Glass Curtains have allowed me to create additional liveable space outside my master bedroom. I have since placed a sofa, jacuzzi, and created an entertainment corner in that space.

Ms Abu Bakar

Woodlands Crescent

A lot of people who've seen my Glass Curtains like it very much and it really reduces a lot of noise and dust from my home. Whenever it rains, it's effective in shielding out the rain and I'm very happy with this product. Thank you for the good job.

Ms Chan, Associate Director

Suffolk Road

I decided to install Glass Curtains because they look so classy and chic, and are easy to maintain, especially when it comes to cleaning.

Since installing Glass Curtains, I now have a new usable space, a new area to chill, protected from elements of nature like rain and strong sunlight. Absolutely delighting!

Mr Teo, Banker

Lor L Telok Kurau

I was looking for a product that is aesthetically appealing and durable at the same time. It is equally important that the company has proficient sales staff, who are able to give me appropriate advice and a solution to my needs. The Glass Curtains team has certainly provided a superb product and superb service delivery.


I first came about Glass Curtains product at a home improvement fair. I was very impressed with the durability and simplicity of the product. There are two other products in the market which work on different concepts and systems. But for Glass Curtains, there are no complicated mechanisms, and the numbers of moving parts within the system are minimal. This means lesser wear and tear, and lower maintenance cost in the long run. The sales staff are very approachable and have a good knowledge of their products. They are able to customise their product according to my needs and give practical solutions within my parameters.

Mr Ang

Seletar Green View Road

We decided to install Glass Curtains for it's clean look, and the fact that it is blocks out sound and rain. The robustness helps.


Since installing Glass Curtains, one is able to see another from either side of room when the Glass Curtains are shut. The sense of openness and space is very important to us.

Mr Koh, Manager

Yishun Avenue 11

The Glass Curtains team is very professional from start to end, ensuring our happiness with the product. Staff  are friendly, polite and skilled. Have recommended friends and neighbours to them.

Mr Ng, General Manager

Ang Mo Kio Street 52

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