Customization for Glass Curtains®


Glass Curtains® can be customized in many ways to fit your needs and your tastes. Feel free to visit our showroom to discuss what options are available for your development. Here are some popular options:

Knobs are attached to the face of a single glass panel, and do not require turning. You can choose to affix knobs to one or both sides of your Glass Curtains®.



  • Acrylic

  • Chrome single sided

  • Chrome double sided

Acrylic knob

Chrome knob:
Single or double sided

Frame Handles
Handles are located on the side wall frame and used to release the glass panels, so they can slide and swing.



  • Single classic handle

  • Single classic handle with lock*

  • Double classic handle with lock; handles are on the inside and outside of the wall frame*

Single classic handle with lock

Glass Type

Choose from a variety of glass types:

  • 10mm clear tempered glass

  • 9.76mm tempered laminated glass*

  • 10mm tinted tempered glass*

  • Other tempered glass types (min. 9.76mm)*


Glass Curtains® comes with transclucent rain strips, for additional rain-proofing. You can choose whether to have them affixed or not. For angled installations (e.g. "L" or "U" shaped), hard strips affixed at angled joints are permanent.

Rain Strips
Frame Colour
Standard frames come in glossy white and are powder coated. You can also choose from a wide variety of colour options*, to match your home or office.
Track Concealment

Masonry works, kerbs or plaster ceilings can be built to accommodate the system. Tracks can be non-concealed, semi-concealed or concealed (pictured above)*.

Opening Position
Besides opening from one side or both sides, you can also have an entrance in any position, via the Flying Door system.


* Additional fees may apply

If you wish to further customize your Glass Curtains®, do contact us. We'd be happy to discuss more options with you.
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