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Product Range

There are several sliding and stacking options within the Glass Curtains® range of products. Come to our showroom for a hands-on experience or view the following pages to learn more.

Glass Curtains® System

Stunning, sleek and stylish, Glass Curtains® protect your interior from environmental elements. Glass Curtains® blur the line between the indoors and outdoors, giving your home or office, a spacious and open feel. Glass Curtains® are perfect for:

  1. Blocking out rain, dust, haze and wind in your balcony, patio or courtyard

  2. Creating a separate, quiet and private space within your home or office

  3. Giving your store or office a classy yet secure glass frontage


Glass Curtains® are not windows or door, as they are fully retractable.

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Glide N' Stack System

The Glide N' Stack (GNS) system is our latest product. It operates in the same way as the Glass Curtains® system. It is framed and specially designed to swing inwards and outwards.

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Flying Door System


Unique to the Glass Curtains® system is the Flying Door system, which allows you, when required, to have a frameless, key-locking door in any position along the system. As with all Glass Curtains® systems, you can slide all the panels to the side, swing and stack them when you wish to open up your living space fully.

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