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Glide N' Stack 

The Glide N' Stack (GNS) system is the "framed" version of the Glass Curtains® system. Unlike traditional casement or sliding panel systems, the GNS system is designed to allow its panels to slide, swing inwards or outwards, and stack; giving you maximum air flow and an ultra-wide view!


Another unprecedented feature of the GNS system is it's "Safety Clean" latch. Most conventional systems only allow panels to swing outwards. But with the GNS system, all you need to do is release a catch, and you can swing the GNS glass panels inwards, for safe and easy cleaning!


A dream come true for architects, interior designers and builders, the GNS system is a delightful combination of strength, beauty and functionality.  

The GNS system has obtained the stringent "BS 6375 Part 1" classification by British Standards Institution for air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance for external windows and doors. You can find the certification here.​

The GNS system is available for whole developments; it is currently not available to individual households. Please contact us if you'd like to incorporate GNS into your building plans.

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