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Glass Curtains® System

Glass Curtains® are a revolutionary solution for those looking to temporarily secure balconies, patios, façades, entrances, doorways and interior divisions with frameless, movable glass panels.


Unlike traditional sliding doors and windows, frameless Glass Curtains® are fully retractable. To open, simply slide, swing and stack the glass panels to the side. Each panel can be individually moved, giving you many various opening possibilities and full control of your air flow or entry way.


Glass Curtains® are temporary installations, as they are surface mounted (similar to curtains or blinds' installation). They are not structurally installed like doors and windows; Glass Curtains® can be uninstalled in minutes.  In addition, Glass Curtains® are sturdy and safe, as they do not flap about dangerously in windy conditions; unlike regular roller blinds and curtains.


Available in more than 16 countries around the world, Glass Curtains® have been designed to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions. Glass Curtains® have been tested for water and wind permeability and meets the standards in United States.  The 10mm thick tempered glass panels are customized and tempered in Singapore to meet the stringent SS 341:2001 PSB standards.

Sleek, versatile and strong, frameless Glass Curtains® offer so many advantages that no other temporary protective system can provide, while remaining virtually invisible.

Turning arm

found in other systems

Opening system unique to Glass Curtains®

Unique Opening System - No Turning Arm

The ability to open a frameless system, without a turning arm or some other external aid, has long been the impossible dream.


Engineers from Glass Curtains® have finally solved this problem. With our unique opening system, glass panels can be opened without the ugly and primitive turning arm. This means you can add curtains and blinds alongside Glass Curtains®.


The final product is very sleek and streamlined.


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