Features of Glass Curtains®


Glass Curtains® are truly innovative, providing full functionality without compromising on style. Frameless Glass Curtains® offers so many advantages over conventional doors, windows, or temporary protective systems like outdoor roller blinds. Here are some reasons why many choose Glass Curtains®:

Reduce noise


Whether you live in close proximity to train tracks, busy roads, or noisy neighbours, Glass Curtains® can effectively reduce outside noise, giving you a peaceful space to relax in. For example, traffic noise from a busy road 5m away is around 80dB. With Glass Curtains®, you will only experience the noise to be around 60dB, which is the noise level of soft background music. Just imagine how big of a difference that will make!

Frameless Glass Curtains® reduce noise by 25 dB


In "ASTM Water Penetration" tests for windows, Glass Curtains® were shown to be effective in keeping out water in most rainy conditions. Translucent rain strips can also be affixed along the thin 2mm to 3mm gap between glass panels, to achieve greater water tightness; even in the heaviest of storms.

Frameless Glass Curtains® keep out rain
Minimal visual impact


As the panels are clear and frameless, they are barely visible. Frameless Glass Curtains® are popular for balconies because they do not impact the exterior facade of buildings and complement the existing architectural design.

Frameless Glass Curtains® are barely visible
Long-lasting and maintenance-free


Our patented Teflon Transport System eliminates the need for ball bearings, which can rust and jam, or rubber wheels that can degrade. Glass Curtains® are maintenance-free and will last you for years. No oiling and no replacement of parts required. In addition, every installation comes with a 5-year full warranty on installation and components, and even the glass!

Frameless Glass Curtains® come with a 5 year warranty
Glides easily and silently

Glass Curtains® are bottom weighted - glass panels sit on sturdy aluminium tracks, instead of being hung from the top. With the weight on the bottom, the glass panels glide easily, quietly, and steadily. No more wobbly panels or squeaky noises.

Frameless Glass Curtains® slide easily and quietly.
Sleek and elegant


The ultra-slim aluminium top and bottom profiles give frameless Glass Curtains® a sleek and elegant look, adding a classy touch to your space. Glass Curtains are virtually invisible and easily complement your existing design. Because they are frameless, you can enjoy unobstructed views all the time, even when they're closed. 

With our unique opening system, glass panels can be swung open without the use of a "turning arm', often seen in conventional swing systems. This means you can add curtains and blinds alongside the Glass Curtains®.

Frameless Glass Curtains® are sleek and elegant
Flexible opening system


Enjoy full control of your ventilation; you can move each panel individually and position them anywhere along the track. If you wish to ventilate your balcony while keeping young children and pets safe, simply spread the glass panels and leave small gaps in-between. To open fully, just slide, swing and stack the panels to the side. This also makes cleaning the glass panels in apartments easy and safe!


You can choose to have the panels swing inwards on one end, two ends, both ends, or in the middle (Flying Door™).

Frameless Glass Curtains® allow specific panels to be moved
Secure and ergonomic


Locks on conventional systems are inconveniently located at the top or bottom, near the rails. The patented Glass Curtains® sidelock system is located at a comfortable height above the floor, so you can secure your Glass Curtains® system easily. 

For patios and partitions, handles can be locked/unlocked from both sides.

Frameless Glass Curtains® can be locked
Safe and sturdy


Glass Curtains® are made of 10mm thick, strengthened, tempered glass panels, and have been  tested in the areas of impact performance, surface compression and fragmentation.  Glass Curtains® meet German DIN 1249 standards, as well as U.S. wind and water standards (DP 50), to withstand a wind load of 250km/hour! You can rest assured that Glass Curtains® are safe and provide strong protection against the elements.

In Singapore, Glass Curtains® have also been PSB-tested to be compliant with SS 341:2001 standards.

Frameless Glass Curtains® uses 10mm tempered glass
Available in different configurations


Our proprietary track system allows frameless Glass Curtains® to accommodate a wide variety of configurations, such as straight, angled or curved. Glass Curtains® are also available at half-height or full height (up to 3m).


Frameless Glass Curtains® fits different configurations
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