Frequently Asked Questions

What are Glass Curtains®?

Glass Curtains® are frameless, fully retractable, sliding glass panels. Like curtains, these glass panels can be fully retracted to one or both sides. When closed, it protects the space from rain, dust, haze, noise, insects. It is a temporary fitting, much like curtains or horizontal blinds.


Are Glass Curtains® doors or windows? Are they permanent enclosures?

Glass Curtains® are neither doors nor windows. Think about them as curtains made of glass. Just like curtains, they can be fully retracted. Glass Curtains® slide, swing and stack to the side. They are not permanent enclosures. Similar to curtains, the tracks are surface mounted; therefore they are not a structural construction installation. But unlike curtains, they are transparent and very sturdy, and can significantly reduce noise, and block out rain, haze and dust.



Where can frameless Glass Curtains® be installed?

Glass Curtains® can be installed anywhere where there are walls, a bottom surface and a top surface. Glass Curtains® have been used on balconies, patios, or within interiors as partitions, or part of store fronts, in many different countries.


What are the benefits of frameless Glass Curtains®?

With Glass Curtains®, young children and pets can go onto the balcony without fear of falling out. Glass Curtains® also provide temporary protection from rain, noise, dust and flying pests. Easily retract Glass Curtains® when you want to let the outdoors in, or simply close it up when the weather is not suitable, or when it's noisy or dusty outside. Use Glass Curtains® to partition your indoor space into separate, distinct areas that are quieter, more private and more specific to your needs.

Glass Curtains® are fully retractable, so you always have the flexibility of reverting to your original layout.



What is the size of the gap between the frameless glass panels, when the system is fully closed?

2mm to 3mm - the smallest gap in the market currently for frameless glazing systems worldwide.


Do Glass Curtains® keep out water?

In ASTM Water Penetration tests for windows, frameless Glass Curtains® were shown to be effective in keeping out water in most rain conditions. We guarantee a water tightness of at least 95%. Translucent polycarbonate rain strips can also be affixed along the thin gap between glass panels, to achieve even greater water tightness. The surface-mounted tracks are also be sealed with silicon on all sides to keep out the rain.



What is the optimal height for each glass panel?

The optimal panel height is 120cm to 270cm, and should not exceed 300cm. For projects that have a ceiling height of more than 300cm, we can also construct fixed glass panels above, so that Glass Curtains® can be accommodated.


What is the optimal width for each glass panel?

The optimal panel width is 50cm to 75cm, and should not exceed 90cm. We don't recommend making the panels too wide, to reduce intrusion into the room when the panels are stacked to the side.



What is the thickness of the glass panel?

Each glass panel is made of 10mm tempered glass. The glass panels are very sturdy and do not wobble. In comparison to 8mm glass, the 2mm difference in thickness makes a crucial difference to the sturdiness of the glass panels, especially with panels beyond 210cm in height.


Do I have to do anything to maintain the system?

Apart from cleaning the glass and occasionally vacuuming the tracks, there is no special maintenance required. Only water and a clean cloth are required for the tracks; use of lubricants or grease is not necessary nor recommended.



Is there a warranty? How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period is 5 years and covers internal components and installation and glass!


It is very windy at my apartment. Can Glass Curtains® withstand the wind? Will there be any whistling noise?

Glass Curtains® have been tested and passed wind and water permeability tests in the U.S. Glass Curtains® meet German DIN 1249 standards, as well as U.S. wind and water standards (DP 50), to withstand a wind load of 250km/hour! You can rest assured that Glass Curtains® are safe and provide strong protection against the elements. The gaps between glass panels are only 2mm to 3mm, and are too small for there to be loud whistling noises during windy conditions.



Is it a must to have the bottom track?

Yes. The bottom track is essential as the weight of the glass panels sits on the bottom track. However, bottom tracks can be concealed. All you need is a groove in your flooring that's 50mm deep and 45mm wide.


How much space does it take when Glass Curtains® are fully opened and stacked to the side?

The wall frame containing the sidelock handle is 85mm or 3 inches, and the space for each panel in a stacked position is 1".  For example, for a 10-panel system, when the system is fully open, the 10 stacked panels will take up only 10".



Can I choose to have the panels open inwards or outwards? Can I choose which side the panels open from and which side they are stacked?

Yes. You can choose whether to have your frameless Glass Curtains® open inwards or outwards, and on which side of the room. This will be fixed upon installation. If you're looking to open the glass panels inwards and outwards, do consider the Glide N' Stack system (available in Apr 2016), which are framed.


How much outside noise can Glass Curtains® block out?

Glass Curtains® have been shown to reduce noise by at least 25dB. How much is 25dB? A 10dB decrease in sound is subjectively experienced as a halving of the sound – e.g. a 40dB noise will seem half as loud as a 50dB noise. Glass Curtains® have been tested to reduce noice by at least 25dB; imagine how big of a noise difference that will make to your space.



How long does the customized fabrication and installation take?

Fabrication generally takes about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the size of the order. The installation generally takes 2 to 3 days, depending on the scale and complexity of the order, as well as the accessibility of the job site. Our installers are thorough and efficient, and they will tidy the site and deliver a clean system after installation.


Can I install Glass Curtains® on my balcony?

This will differ from property to property. It is best to seek the advice of your property manager, and the relevant authorities of the city you reside in.


When seeking advice, you can state the following features of Glass Curtains®:


1.    Glass Curtains® are not permanent structural installations; the tracks are not embedded into the concrete. The tracks are surface mounted, similar to the tracks of curtains and blinds.

2.    Glass Curtains® are not permanent enclosures. They can be fully retracted to the side and take up very little space when stacked.

3.    Glass Curtains® are very sturdy and can withstand high winds. The weight of the glass panels sits firmly on the bottom track, instead of being suspended from the top track.  Hence, the panels are very secure and do not flap about  dangerously in windy condition;  as would traditional blinds.

4.    As there are no vertical frames between each panel, Glass Curtains® are barely visible when closed. They are definitely less visible than blinds or grilles. When open, Glass Curtains® stack discretely to the side, restoring your balcony to it's original configuration.

5.    Even when fully closed, Glass Curtains® allow an air infiltration rate of 0.16 cfm/ft2.



Can I use Glass Curtains® to convert my balcony into an interior space?
Balconies are meant to be semi-outdoor spaces, and  there may be regulations in place against converting balconies to interior spaces in some countries*. Glass Curtains
® are not meant for converting balcony spaces into interior spaces. They are meant to provide temporary protection for occupants from outdoor elements like rain, wind, dust, pests, haze and noise. They also serve to protect young children and pets from falling out while using the balcony.


*For residents in Singapore, please note that Glass Curtains are not permitted to be installed at balconies approved under the BIS (Balcony Incentive Scheme). You can ask your developer for information regarding this.


Where are frameless Glass Curtains® made?

Tracks are imported, cut and processed at the local Glass Curtains® plant for customization. The components and installation supplies are from various parts of Europe. The glass is cut, polished and tempered in the region where Glass Curtains® are available, and according to the local building standards and regulations. 



Is your company new?

Glass Curtains® was invented in 2002 and have been available in Europe for more than 10 years. Glass Curtains® was introduced to Singapore in June 2013. Glass Curtains® are now available in more than 16 countries around the world, covering Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Glass Curtains® International has over 25 distributors in 16 countries, including Singapore, with manufacturing points in Central Europe, Asia, United States and Central America.


Is installation work going to be dirty and noisy?

Not at all. Drilling will only take about 1 to 2 hours. The actual installation is quiet, and our installers will clean the site after installation.



How are you different from other products?

1. Patented design:
Glass Curtains®
 is a patented design from Europe. It is not a copycat of other products. It is THE ORIGINAL slide, swing and stack, movable frameless glass system.

2. No wheels, no ball bearings = no maintenance needed
Our system
uses solid components and an innovative Teflon-based transport technology. We do not use rubber wheels or ball bearings, which degrade over time. Our system is maintenance-free; no oiling or greasing required.

3. Bottom weighted; not top-hung
The weight of the glass panels sits on the bottom tracks, instead of being hung from the top. Because Glass Curtains® are bottom weighed, the panels are very sturdy, and will not wobble during use, or in high wind conditions.

4. 10mm tempered glass
Glass Curtains® are made of 10mm tempered glass, as opposed to 8mm glass. A 2mm difference in thickness can mean a difference in twice the strength of the glass!

5. Slimmest profiles in the market
Profiles refer to the aluminium casings that are on the top and bottom of each glass panel. Our aluminium profiles are the slimmest in the market, so you have maximum glass and minimum aluminium per panel.

6. Individual control over each panel
Each panel can be moved individually and separated from the rest, so you can adjust the air flow in any way you want.

7. Tested for quality in Europe and U.S.
Our manufacturing process is very stringent and our components are tested for strength and endurance. Glass Curtains® have been put through many tests for water and wind penetration in Europe and the U.S., so you can be assured of the effectiveness of Glass Curtains®.

Glass Curtains® is a long-term investment that brings additional value to your home, so invest in the best for you and your loved ones. Feel free to visit us at our showroom to experience Glass Curtains®. You'll know why no other competitive product comes close to Glass Curtains®.




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