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Product Range

H.G. System

The H.G. Opening System gives Glass Curtains the ability to open a frameless system, without a turning arm or some other external aid. 

Flying Door System

Unique to the Glass Curtains® system is the "flying door" that allows you, when required, to have a normal  entrance frame-less key locking door in any position along the system, but when no longer required can be simply folded away with the rest of the glass for summer time living.

Side Lock System

The Side Lock system is a new innovation in Glass Curtain® technology allowing you to fasten the glass curtain securely.

Glide And Stack System

The GNS system is our latest product. It operates in the same way as the H.G system. It is framed which provides better watertightnes. It is also specially designed to open both ways making it even safer to clean your glass.  


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